ReSurg handles scientific studies from A to Z, offering full support with all steps necessary to design, conduct, and publish your work in top-tier journals. Whether you have a single long-term study or a portfolio of studies, our project managers will accompany you at each of the stages described hereafter, to conduct your study and publish your article.

Study design and feasability

ReSurg experts can assist you in designing various types of studies, including, clinical, radiographic and anatomic investigations, as well as systematic reviews or meta-analyses. Our team performs rapid literature reviews and a priori statistical power analyses to detect relevant effects or differences, and to ensure your study is scientifically relevant and publishable in the target journals.

The study design and feasibility stage is often necessary for us to confirm that the investigation will answer the specific research questions and support your conclusions or claims. Our data managers will verify the quality of existing databases to maximise their utility.

Literature reviews

ReSurg scientists can conduct in-depth reviews of published literature, producing qualitative summaries and quantitative analyses, both required to draft clinical study protocols and article manuscripts. Our team searches for pertinent articles and books to justify the importance of your study and to defend your arguments thereafter.

The literature review is crucial to any investigation, as it enables us to determine the most appropriate structure and content for your article or protocol. It also helps us recommend the most suitable publication strategy and target journals.

Data management

ReSurg data managers verify the completeness and consistency of your databases and prepare them for processing using spreadsheets or statistics software. We thrive to minimise missing data and losses to follow-up, to improve your research accuracy and methodology.

The data management phase is important to consolidate your tables and charts, hence draft clear and concise results and discussions.

Statistical analysis

ReSurg scientists are knowledgeable in statistics, and can therefore help you understand publications with advanced statistics, and perform complex analyses on your data. Our team always refers to the most recent and authoritative publications, and discusses your questions and hypotheses thoroughly before recommending or performing any tests.

Survival analysis, Pearson or Spearman correlation, ANOVA or Mann-Whitney tests, as well as uni- and multi-variable analyses… we can execute the required calculations rapidly and reliably.

Manuscript preparation

ReSurg experts are experienced medical writers, and can either draft your manuscripts, abstracts and conference presentations, or coach you in structuring and writing your own documents. Our unique strength lies within the linguistic competencies of our team, who can discuss your ideas and needs in French, German or Italian, and transcribe them in high-standard English and in strict accordance with the instructions of your target journal.

ReSurg also provides support in translating or correcting existing manuscripts, including rigorous anticipation of reviewer comments, and solutions to improve your text.

Submission and post-submission

ReSurg staff are accustomed to formatting and submitting manuscripts to scientific journals, with particular attention to the required word limits, referencing styles as well as formats for tables and figures. We also anticipate all supporting documents that journals could request during or after the submission process, as ethical approvals, conflict of interest forms and statements of authors’ contributions.

ReSurg also grants post-submission support, such as revisions of manuscripts, responses to reviewer comments, and multiple re-submissions, until your article is published and indexed on PubMed.

Additional services

Should you require further advice or assistance, ReSurg can provide you with rapid and professional services with:

– Conference presentations and posters
– Video and audio files for your surgical techniques
– Translation from French, German or Italian into publication-standard English